UV/EB & visible light cure coatings
UV/EB & visible light cure coatings

Cornelius Specialties operates in the UV/EB and visible light cure sector with speciality monomers that facilitate the addition of low solubility polymeric additives during film curing processes. These monomers can also enhance surface hardness and adhesion in cured films

High Reactivity UV Cure Monomers

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Product name Description CAS Enquire
Cornelolens EGDA Ethylene glycol diacrylate 2274-11-5 Send email
Cornelo IBXA Isobornyl acrylate 5888-33-5 Send email
Cornelo EEEA Highly polar monomer for UV cure inks and adhesives based on ethoxyethoxyethyl acrylate 7328-17-8 Send email
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