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About us

Quality Assurance & Procedures

At Cornelius Specialties, quality and its continuous improvement is at the core of everything we do. As a result, the following activities are deeply engrained on an on-going basis within our culture:

Cogs for Innovate, Develop, Share and Assure

From our multi-purpose production facility, we manufacture and supply approximately 100 products to over 60 customers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Operating a robust sales and operational planning process is therefore key to our success in delivering premium levels of customer satisfaction. All our systems and processes are underpinned by the Cornelius Specialties 5R’s philosophy.

  • Right product
  • Right delivery
  • Right quality
  • Right response
  • Right R&D

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Quality is embedded at the core and is seen on a daily basis as we standardise, monitor, analyse, report, verify, track, audit and train.

QA - Standardise, Monitor, Analyse, Report, Verify, Track, Audit, Train

In recent years we have been presented with four separate awards for quality and service excellence by major global contact lens producers, taking supply of our products at multiple locations around the World.

We also possess and operate under an ISO9001 accreditation.

Lloyd’s Register - LRQA - ISO 9001 UKAS Management Systems

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Procedural rigor is the key to consistency and constancy of product quality. Underpinning all of our processes are the documents that govern our world. The training and the ruthless pursuit of perfection is the source of our success in manufacturing to high levels of compliance.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 of procedure

Such procedurisation begins at Research & Development, through to supplier and raw material qualification, purchasing, incoming inspection, and continues through manufacturing with verification of process vessels, in process testing, final testing and finally to picking, despatch and delivery into our customer warehouse.

Inter production run plant clean down

The life cycle care, from your order to our planning of production to goods reaching you, we care about every aspect on the way.

All our staff have engrained into them a sense that if something has no procedure it will go wrong! So, write one, train others and embed it into the culture of Specialties.

Every day we gather data according to the fundamental ALCOA principle that data will save us! Good data will ensure we comply.

ALCOA Principle - Attributable, Legible, Contempraneous, Original, Accurate