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About us


Cornelius Specialties 14m high, three storey reactor hall Cornelius Specialties multiple glass lined batch reactors Cornelius Specialties facilities

Operational capabilities include:

  • 14m high, three storey reactor hall
  • Multiple glass lined batch reactors
  • Short path distillation capability including 8 wiped film evaporators
  • Vacuum to 10 - 3 mbar and steam to 6 bar
  • Pilot plant and scale up capability
  • Computerized process logging and control
Chemical research & development

R&D capabilities include:

  • Five internal laboratories
  • Multiple, long term external university research institute collaborations
  • A team of PhD chemists and supporting technicians
  • Process scale up
  • Process optimization

Chemical analysis

Analytical capabilities include:

  • FTIR
  • GC-FID
  • HPLC with UV-DAD and UV-VWD, GPC and RI
  • KF coulometric
  • Colour testing
  • Conductivity and pH
Cornelius Group Innovation Suite

Application and innovation support capabilities include:

  • Collaboration with Cornelius Group personal care formulation laboratory
  • Use of the Group Innovation Suite


In addition to our stringent quality and audit procedures, Cornelius Specialties operates to an accredited ISO 9001:2015 standard and has a UK Government integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) permit (permit number EP3234LF).

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