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About us

History & Expertise


Cornelius Group begins supply of methacrylate chemistry, initially distributing 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate from Rohm GmbH to the contact lens industry.


Cornelius Group expands its portfolio of distribution products into the contact lens industry.


Cornelius Specialties is established as a separate division within Cornelius Group to manage sales and distribution. Cornelius Specialties commences production of methacrylate products, becoming the only methacrylate producer focused primarily on meeting the needs of the contact lens industry.


Cornelius Specialties moves production to a purpose built manufacturing facility in Haverhill, significantly enhancing both its manufacturing and R&D capability. Cornelius Specialties becomes a limited company.


The company expands its product portfolio into the contact lens industry with the introduction of complex organosilicone chemistry. It also undertakes successful market diversification into dental care, medical diagnostics and structural adhesives.

Chemistry Expertise

Chemical breakdown

Key chemistry competencies include:

  • Living ionic polymerisation to produce low molecular weight, highly controlled polydispersity polydimethylsiloxane functionalised polymers
  • Equilibration polymerisation of cyclic siloxanes to produce various end group functionalised silicones
  • Nano-silica via non ‘sol-gel’ process
  • Silane functionalisation of nano-silica
  • Silylation, hydrosilylation and hydrogen elimination
  • Esterification using direct and transesterification using anhydride acid chloride
  • Radical solution co-polymerisation


Key People

Quality Assurance


Cornelius Specialties expanded their R&D facilities into a new building at Haverhill in Suffolk

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